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Summer: summed up in berry form.

This is one of the most beautiful post cards I’ve ever received via Postcrossing {all the way from Russia} #postcrossing #postcardcollection

Its definitely Popsicle weather #monsterpops #yum #popsicles #staycool #summer

Things are getting sketchy around here… (as in I’ve picked up my pencils and have been drawing some stuff).

A couple weekends ago I joined a local MeetUp group to sketch at the Manito Park pond. Although my landscape drawing skills are a bit rusty, I think you can at least see what I was going for (hopefully!)

A few recent favorites off my Instagram @ ms_oblivious

Spring time is the best time… proof is in the Instagramin’

NEWS! You can see some of my photos on Caught Within Frame this week…

Hello, February…

A new month kicked off in style:

Photo-A-Day taking - Day 1 called for a selfie. Ok, fine. Snapped it on my way to meet up with a friend downtown. We ate a late lunch/early dinner at Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar…. So many choices of amazing drinks, but this time I picked the French 75. Mostly because it had “French” in the name. And the cool lemon twist was pretty too.

Then wandered around a bit and stopped by Sephora. I really want to nail down that black eyeliner swoop/cat eye thing this year. I got a demonstration and bought some Stila liquid liner pen. I guess it takes practice! And a steady hand!

Le Sigh ๐Ÿ˜˜

As much as I love my iPhone and digital cameras, thereโ€™s no comparison to good old film!

Today I dropped off a roll from my sweet little Diana mini 35mm camera. Most of the pictures were taken this Spring during a photo walk at Manito Park here in Spokane.

I think my favorite shot is of the red tree peony blossoms. So happy it turned out!

In my mind {Fall} = Knit Something!

So going to make a warm and cozy cowl scarf out of this soft brown yarn. Maybe a few stripes of aqua/orange to keep it interesting…