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Lost And Found… Spied this list on the floor at Fred Meyer’s today. Love getting a little peek at other peoples lives.

So I Have A New Journal. But I don’t want to start this one with mundane Sunday thoughts like work week looming ahead dread, TV shows I want to watch or what I meant to do this weekend but never seem to ever get around to doing…

Your head is a living forest full of songbirds.
e. e. cummings (via e-e-cummings)


Tried out some Cyanograph Impossible Film today…pretty cool stuff. Hope they make more of this film.

Here are a few photos from the past week. Including one shot of my favorite little toddler - who I could only get to smirk at me. ☺️

Instant Film Love: Black & White. This is now my all time favorite version of Impossible Film. Super reliable and shorter development time too.

More instant film fun! First shot out of my newly acquired {old} Polaroid One600 camera…totally love it!

More Impossible Film Magentatype photo attempts… my favorite beautiful morning sunshiny window and then a very pink me. ☺️

Taken with my Polaroid Impulse camera.

First Magentatype photo experiment. I wish this film wasn’t so expensive and didn’t take so long to develop…BUT with that said, I am so in love! 😍

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